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Maryville Crisis Nursery

When Mary J. found herself needing an urgent medical procedure that required a 48-hour hospital stay, she had no one to care for her two preschool children. Thankfully a nurse at her health clinic introduced Mary J. to the Maryville Crisis Nursery, which was able to serve as a safe haven for her children while she underwent her procedure.

For Mary J. and too many other parents with little or no family or trusted friends, the Crisis Nursery is their safety net.

Founded in 2006, the Maryville Crisis Nursery was the first and remains the only crisis nursery in Cook and Lake counties. Parents feel secure leaving their children, ages birth to 6 years, for up to 72 hours knowing the loving and skilled staff will care for them and keep them safe.

Completely self-funded, the Maryville Crisis Nursery served nearly 900 children from 141 families in 2020. Sadly, more than 400 children were turned away due to budget constraints. In addition to offering child care, trained professionals provide crisis counseling and support, answer a 24-hour crisis helpline, plus a family advocate works with each client family to restore family stability.

The Maryville Foundation, impressed by how they exemplify our mission of protecting children and strengthening families, has supported the Crisis Nursery since its inception.



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