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Early Childhood Engagement

Maryville Crisis Nursery

When Mary J. found herself needing an urgent medical procedure that required a 48-hour hospital stay, she had no one to care for her two preschool children. Thankfully a nurse at her health clinic introduced Mary J. to the Maryville Crisis Nursery, which was able to serve as a safe haven for her children while she underwent her procedure.

For Mary J. and too many other parents with little or no family or trusted friends, the Crisis Nursery is their safety net.

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Jen School

Obtaining a quality education is imperative to instill confidence in students and prepare them for success in life. Yet most traditional school districts are simply not equipped to address the challenges facing students dealing with significant social, emotional and academic issues.

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Family and Residential Services

Strong families provide more than positive parental role models. They serve as stable guides for children and communities. When the family unit breaks down, the price paid by society, things like rising crime rates or increased drop-out rates, are visible to everyone. However, the price paid by the children from many of these broken families can create lifelong, generation to generation damage. Maryville Academy has eight programs in the Family and Residential Services category.

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Imagine being the parent of a child with complex medical needs whose life relies on a team of doctors, nurses and sophisticated medical equipment. Now imagine you have been notified that your child will be discharged from the hospital at the end of the week. Without medical training, how will you care for your child? This is the predicament facing far too many families with critically sick children.

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