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Family & Residential Services

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The positive impact a strong family has on a child and their community is immeasurable. Conversely, when the family unit breaks down, the price paid by society, things like rising crime rates or increased drop-out rates, are visible to everyone. Moreover, the price paid by the children from many of these broken families can create lifelong, generation to generation damage.

Healing the Hurt: Maryville’s Homes for Women, Children and Youth

Each of the expecting and parenting mothers or the young boys and girls in Maryville Academy’s Family and Transitional Care programs have one thing in common, they live with intellectual disabilities, mental health issues and addictions all resulting from childhood trauma. Maryville’s therapeutic residential programs work to heal, educate, and empower each individual while creating solid foundations upon which they can break free from the cycle and build strong futures.

Mothers and Children

For too many years, expectant or parenting women struggling with mental illness or addiction were at risk of losing custody of their child. Maryville’s healing approach keeps mothers together with their children while the mother receives therapy for addiction and mental health issues, learns parenting skills, job readiness training, and builds her confidence. Just as important, keeping children with their mothers fosters the healthy bonds that create long-term family stability.

Transforming Juvenile Justice

For 14-18 year old boys and girls who struggle with significant mental health issues and are involved in the juvenile justice system, Maryville has created a family focused collaborative structure where staff, youth, and the youth’s family work together to create a plan in order to minimize regression and incarceration. The programs focus on their educational, vocational, social, coping, and interpersonal needs.

Maryville Foundation is pleased to support Maryville Academy’s Family & Residential Services programs. By challenging traditional methods of care, Maryville is helping to build healthy families by modeling love and respect. In a safe, loving environment, young men and women learn how to live productive lives.



Please help us care for children and strengthen families.