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Imagine being the parent of a child with complex medical needs whose life relies on a team of doctors, nurses and sophisticated medical equipment. Now imagine that your child will be discharged from the hospital at the end of the week. Without medical training, how will you care for your child? This is the predicament facing far too many families with critically sick children.

More Than a Bridge: Children’s Healthcare Center

The Children’s Healthcare Center (CHC), operated by Maryville Academy, provides transitional nursing care for medically fragile children. Most children admitted to CHC have three or more complex medical needs, often requiring ventilators and tracheostomy tubes to breath or gastronomy tubes to receive nutrition. While providing care to the child, the CHC staff offers parents personalized training to safely transition their child to the comfort of home.

The Children’s Healthcare Center is one of only three transitional health care facilities in Illinois. The average age of its patients is under six years old but range up to 21, with the average patient’s stay of 145 days.

The Children’s Healthcare Center is committed to supporting the young patient’s entire family, which is why the Maryville Foundation is committed to financially supporting this unique facility.



Please help us care for children and strengthen families.