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Maryville forms network for 2 recovery programs to help mothers on the road to sobriety, better future

Mothers road to sobriety

The Maryville Academy Mother’s Recovery Home Network is now a reality for pregnant and parenting women who suffer from substance use disorder and wish to seek treatment for a better future for them and their children.

Two Maryville programs, the Saint Monica Homes and Saint Josephine Bakhita Homes, fall under the Network. These programs serve pregnant and parenting women, ages 18 to 35, and their children, ages 10 and under.

The women and their families are offered individual and group treatment, mental health services, parenting classes and job-readiness training.

The Saint Monica Homes Program provides residence for up to 18 women and their children. It is designed to last for six months. The Saint Josephine Bakhita Homes Program lasts six to nine months and can follow Saint Monica.

“The Network’s goal is to inspire the women to bond with their children and acquire skills to live an independent, safe and sober life,” said Jim Eaglin, recovery home operator for the Family Behavioral Health Clinic (FBHC).

The FBHC will provide the women admitted to the Network bio-psycho-social assessment and a treatment plan designed to help evaluate their mental health, socio-economic and neurobiological conditions.

The women will engage with a parenting coach and participate in parenting classes. A vocational coordinator will work with them through a workforce development program and provide them with job-readiness training.

Saint Monica Homes’ Parenting Coach Katrina Ivory checks in with her clients every week. “During these challenging times, people need what is considered to be sure things and people in their lives,” she said. “Saint Monica represents these for our clients.”

One of Saint Monica’s success story is Audrey. She and her children are doing extremely well and according to Ivory, Audrey has a stable environment for her family while she is working on her sobriety. Ivory said that Audrey attributes her success to the program and what she has learned while she was at Saint Monica.

Ivory also said that former clients continue to check in. “For the mothers and their children, Saint Monica represents calm and consistency. They know that we are family and we only want what is best for them.”

For more information on the Network, call 872-250-9720. To schedule an appointment or to make a referral, contact the Family Behavioral Health Clinic at 847-390-3004.