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Saint Mary of Celle Home, a refuge for parenting teens

Saint Mary of Celle Home

Facade of Saint Mary of Celle in Berwyn.

Saint Mary of Celle Home, a new Maryville program that will open soon, is designed to help up to six parenting teen mothers with a history of childhood trauma transition to a temporary or independent living environment.

Located in Berwyn, IL., it is considered as stage two of the existing Casa Imani Home program in Bartlett. It will offer the young mothers, ages 13 to 20, more opportunities for community and personal development, including possible part-time employment and an increased focus on life skills development.

The new residential program will be beneficial for the parenting youth who are getting ready to move to a transitional living program, or foster care placement with their child, as well as for youth who are presently ready to transition, but a stepdown placement has yet to be solidified.

“The purpose of the extension program is to provide an additional resource that will help keep children with their mothers and keep families intact,” said Maryville Executive Director Sister Catherine M. Ryan, O.S.F.

In addition to providing safe housing and vital assistance related to school, counseling, life skills training, health services and case management under the Casa Imani program, Saint Mary of Celle will provide additional resources around parenting and career development with an emphasis on keeping these young families together in a comprehensive and holistic way.

“By providing a comprehensive and holistic program that supports young mothers, we are offering an opportunity for parental and familial success,” she said.

The program aims to help break the cycle of generational abuse and neglect; something that many of the young mothers have endured, but do not want to repeat in their own immediate family system.